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Guest Day 2020 - Saturday, June 13th 2020

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Flower Bed Project Hole #14 - 2018 Project Completed

Member Guest Day 2018 was held on Sunday, July 15th.

The event marked the grand reopening of the 18 hole golf course! 

There were 68 Members & Guests in attendance and played the new back nine
Golf holes for the first time.  A hallmark event for the club.  And we want to thank all of our guests 
who attended! 
The event included a fund raiser and silent auction which raised funds for the club as well as
to support the reopening of the course.
TWGC adopted hole # 14 on the back nine to help support course improvements.
This will entail building a flower bed and planting tree saplings behind the tee box on # 14.  Club members
will lead the project in line with the course management directives on this initiative.
Below are the Silent Auction items outstanding.  The bids will close by second week of August prior to the
Club Championship on August 11th & 12th.  All proceeds go to our non profit club and/or to support the course improvements.
We want to thank everyone for your support much appreciated! 
Silent Auction Bids Open & Closed and Fund Raiser Contributors:
1.  Dick Sporting Goods Gift Card worth $100  (David Gunderson)
  - Graham Gunderson bid at = $60
2.  Theodore Wirth Gift Card worth $100 (Paul Kieffer)
  -Starting bid at $60 Open 
 3.  Its Greek to Me Gift Card worth $100 (Alex Karos)
  -Starting bid at $60 Open 
4.  PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card worth $50 (Jeff Holds)
  -Bid starts at $25 Open
5. Putter and Wedge Set worth $60 (Eric Sisler)
  -Starting bid at $50 Open 
Close Bids and Fund Raiser Contributors:
 Area Rug worth  (Paul Commers)
  -Bid closed at $60 Mary Jo Spelzner
Theodore Wirth Golf Gear (Theodore Wirth)
  -Bid closed at $12 Steve Eisma
World Cup Jag Bag Graham Gunderson
  -Bid closed at $50 Denny Dee
Wine and Coffee Package Gary Prevost
  -Bid closed at $50 Denny Dee 
Collector Putters John Albrightson
  -Bid closed at $60 Dave Jelle
-Tom Sletten Power Washer value $200 Fund Raiser Prize 
-Society of Hickory Sticks Golf with  Ian Thornburn & Jeff Bona Fund Raiser Prize
- Tom Angelus Golf Package value $100 Fund Raiser prize handouts
- Michael Farnsworth Cash Donation $100
- Derek Pyle Cash Donation $100   
We will ensure all contributors are added to list if not included and be hallmarked.
- Member Guest Day Fund Raiser 2016 -

The Silent Auction was a compelte success per details below.  Club has collected approximately $785 to date and we want to thank all members for their participation!
Guest Day Silent Auction Overview:
We are pleased to annouce our TWGC silent bid starting on 5/29 thru 6/12 for club members and to the public.  It is the 100 year celebration 
of Theodore Wirth Golf Course.  And in this spirit the TWGC is raising funds for club purposes accordingly.  All proceeds will go to 2016 Club purposes, Guest Day 2017, and events. In celebration of the reopening of grand course; after 2016 course redesign project. 
The TWGC will celebrate the 2017 Guest Day in the upstairs Fireplace and Pub Room in grand fashion. 
 Below are the Bid Item #'s with associated starting bids.  If you want to make a bid simply email your bid # and price to:
Bids will close on 6/12 with announcement of winners at the TCC Low Net and Wirth Cup event held same day.
TWGC Members can donate funds if inclined. To help meet the TWGC goal of $1000 in proceeds.  Club members with cash donations raised $200 to date; James Bock & Derek Pyle have donated $100 each. 

AR 383L Power Washer PSI 1500, Turbo Lance
And Integrated Detergent Tank - Tom Sletten
Bid #1   Starting Bid at $50.   Worth $169   
-Miguel Deharpporte $60 (Winner) 


Theodore Wirth Gift Card for Two Free Rounds (18 Holes) with Cart

Sponsored by Mike Baker, Theodore Wirth Golf Course

 Bid # 2   Starting Bid $55   Two Round with Cart Value $110 

-Ravnholdt -$55

-Farnsworth - $70

Angelus - $80 (Winner) 


 Gift Card to That Furniture Outlet - Ira Hackner

Bid #3   Starting Bid at $50.   Gift Card Worth $100

-Ira Hackner $50 accepts bid (Winner)


Glenmorangie 10 Year Single Malt Whisky - Gary Prevost

Bid #4 Starting Bid $25.  Liquor Estimated Worth $50 

-Karos $30 (Winner) 


Golfsmith Gift Card - Tom Angelus

Bid #5 Starting Bid $50.  Gift Card Worth $75 

-Pyle $55 (Winner) 


Odyssey Dual Force 770 Putter - Eric Sisler

Bid #6   Starting Bid $25.   Putter Estimated Worth $50 

 -Eric Sisler accepts bid $25 (Winner) 


Theodore Wirth Gift Card - Two Free Rounds (18 Holes) with Cart

Sponsored by Mike Baker, Theodore Wirth Golf Course

Bid #7    Starting Bid $55   Two Round Value $110 

-Anderson $55

-McPherson $70 (Winner) 

Lindros Authenic Signed Captain's Jersey - Alex Karos

Bid #8 Starting Bid $100 Worth Unliimited 

 -James Bock $200 (Winner)


Cold Snap Picture Great for Any Room - Rick Ravnholdt

Bid#9  Starting Bid $25  Worth $175 

 - Alex Karos $25 (Winner) 


Chipping Net with Balls - Jeff Holds

Bid# 10 Starting Bid $ 50 Worth $75 

-Jeff Holds accpets bid $50 (Winner) 


Click Here Member Guest Day Results 2015


Peter Karos and Nick Karos Flight A Member Guest Day Champions 2015


Jerry Thureson and Bud Stay Flight B Member Guest Day Champions 2015

Click Here - TWGC Member Guest Day Results 07/12/2014


Steve Patnode & Ben Olk, TWGC Member Guest Day 2014 Two Person Best Ball Flight 1 Champions


Team Morgan & Bock, Member Guest Day 2014 finished second Team Best Ball Flight A and finished 1st & 2nd Individual Low Gross


Yarri Bryn & Sonja Przybylski, Member Guest Day 2013 Two Person Best Ball Flight 1 Champions

Click Here - TWGC Member Guest Day Results 06/09/2013

The day turned out to be a complete success!  Though Mother Nature made a stand with plenty of tears we still had a great turn out.  The ceremony and celebration with our guests was grand. With plenty of door prizes and hand-outs for all.  We want to give special thanks to Theodore Wirth Golf Club and Prom Catering for their support.  And all the guests that attended!

We are pleased to sponsor the TWGC Member Guest Day Open to Public.
Any interested person can play in our exciting event to include golf, lunch, place finisher awards, and door prizes.


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